figured it out

I miss my Svengali. I finally figured out why I’m so unmotivated to write. I would love to rent one for a few months. Nothing kinky, just some older, attractive, (intelligent) man to throw some compliments my way regarding writing. The trick is, he cannot be too complimenting, in fact, if he’s too gushy it will not work. I need the nod of approval from someone who’s writing I too admire. The smile/nod with the raised eyebrow and possibly, “We should have coffee and talk about where you should go from here.”

Published by Monkeyhugs101

mom, wife, writer, cowgirl, Kvetcher, in no particular order.

2 thoughts on “figured it out

  1. Well, unfortunately, I am not a man. But I suggest you join me in my next class online through the Writers Program at UCLA. Interested? Starts 1/19 and you can sign up online. Keep writing!

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