My first thought when stumbling on this website was…unpaid child support. A bail bond-ish  group who’s soul purpose was to seek and catch any babies daddies who won’t buy Pampers.

Nope. Gay hookup website.

Now there is one thing I will hands down always give props to when it comes to gay males and that’s:

a: improving the neighborhood

b: coming up with clever names for things.

Take dating sites. Your typical straight sites have names like eHarmony or………… BORING.

Your gay sites, to list a few, GRINDR, Rent Boy, Find Fred, Manhunt…..

It may just be me, (a straight, 40 something woman with a toehold on hipness and her one inch roots) but I say we leave naming things to the gay population out there.

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mom, wife, writer, cowgirl, Kvetcher, in no particular order.

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