she’s a lady, whoa whoa whoa she’s a lady.

Oh Tom. Sing it baby. Please, enjoy the music while I skip down memory lane.

I liken Tom to the days preceding my own family’s Ice Storm. Fresh infidelity, booze, swapping (ok, I don’t know that for sure, but it sounds fitting) and a library of vinyl. It was different times. Personally, i think women (and men) were sexier back then. Other than that brief morning ritual of Ponds Cold Creme and a house dress, my mom rocked her heels and skirts everyday. That woman could vacuum, dust and get her fondue pot pre heated in the same time a woman of today takes to microwave a Hot Pocket. My dad, same thing. The man had a skinny tie, polished shoes and a hefty dose of Old Spice on before he fired up the Impala.

Adults of today wimps.

Now, the fact that he was screwing everything in site and my mom pulled a revolver on him are besides the point.

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mom, wife, writer, cowgirl, Kvetcher, in no particular order.

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