Top Searches men tied up, women with real boobs,…..


So, for anyone with a blog, you have an option to see what people type in *Google* and end up on your page. The above title tells you my blog top searches. This makes me think, if I title all my posts with words like, boobs, anal, boobs (again)…… I will have a lot of traffic. In fact, “Tied Up Men” got 2300 hits, yet, Peanut allergy…… a mere 26.

The world today folks.

On another note. Anyone besides me get confused with people talk about their “Magic Bullet?” Am I the only one who thinks for a few seconds they are talking about their vibrator? Did the creators of The Magic Bullet even think for a minute that the #1 rated vibrator (ok, I made that up) is named The Bullet? The other day a guy said to me, “Oh the new Magic Bullet is way stronger.” Ummm…. ok? Wait, you’re talking about the juicer right? Which then gets me thinking, is there a difference between a vibrator and a dildo? Personally, I have neither, (NOT that there’s anything worng with them) but is the word “Dildo” OG? Is vibrator a classier term? Is it the battery part that makes the difference?

Ok, well, I’ll leave you with those questions. Feel free to school me if you know the answers.

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mom, wife, writer, cowgirl, Kvetcher, in no particular order.

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