Momclown observations on Corona Virus 2020:

  1. Who’s getting the last laugh on My 600# Life? Enough fat to outlive us all, and new svelte figure to look forward to.
  2. Hoarders are now cool new friends. Whatcha got in there?
  3. No canned soup on shelves equals a generation of people who do not know how to make it. Chicken broth, noodles, chopped carrots. You’re welcome.
  4. Dream job is the gas station attendant behind the 3″ plexiglass.
  5. Saying, “wash your hands” to adults as much as you used to tell your kids growing up.
  6. Parents more afraid of being home with their kids when schools close, then Corona virus.
  7. Walking into Target for essentials to live and spending forty-five minutes trying on bras and picking a taupe eyeshadow.
  8. Bringing home frozen food and Stove Top stuffing for your family, AFTER you ordered Thai Shrimp Fried Rice take out for yourself, and ate in car.
  9. Pretty much getting all your medical info from Facebook from, “A friend of a friend.”
  10. Having people say, “It’s not funny” and realize, buying 96 rolls of toilet paper…. is pretty funny.

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mom, wife, writer, cowgirl, Kvetcher, in no particular order.

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