bejeweled nether regions.

i mentioned to my sister yesterday that i purchased a *Bedazzler* and was VERY excited to start *Bedazzling* my world. She asked if, “I was planning on “bedazzling” my, err……. “zone” (for lack of a better term).

Oh Sweet Maud. Is this the new trend? Apparently so. OK, I’m going to date myself here, but since when did chicks have to work so hard to impress a man? I mean, you have:

  • anal bleaching
  • landing strip waxing or total baldness  (Pedifile Couture as I refer to it)
  • Piercing

And now…………Bedazzling?. I’ll go out on a limb to say Bedazzling is the more wimpy choice from straight out piercing (as henna is to real tattoos) but the burning question is………..why?

I can tell you, speaking from experience, I never had to work that hard to get a guy interested in having sex. Granted, these are different times, but have men become that picky? Isn’t a pretty girl in a bikini or jeans and flip flops still hot? Do they kick you out of bed and say, “MY GOD WOMAN! YOU ARE NOT BEJEWLED?”

Never have I understood George Bernard Shaw’s quote “Youth is wasted on the young” more than right at this moment.

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mom, wife, writer, cowgirl, Kvetcher, in no particular order.

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