celluloid sitter

I’ve been thinking about all the childcare I provide for my kid lately. I like to keep her safe. This means I watch her, or someone I trust watches her.

This, was not the same for me. Let me preface by saying my mom loved me, and my friends moms loved them. It was a different time. A big trend amongst the newly divorced mamas was setting up your kid in the movie theater and their friend. You had a good two hours from drop off to pick up unless the mama’s *date* was getting dinner and banged, then you did a double feature. Roughly 5 hours. (i love the word *banged* btw)

I recall one mama setting us up in a theater in Manhattan Beach (claim to fame as the V.D. capitol in the U.S based on the # of stewardess per square mile). She left us for a double feature + a repeat. We were sleeping when she and the theater usher shined a flashlight in our face at 1 am.

Abuse? I don’t really know?

What was abusive is her choice of movies. Soylent Green, and Logan’s Run.  10 year olds.

No wonder I’m anxious and hate soy.

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