Misconceptions that irritate the HELL out of the parents of an only child.

large-traditional-family4Lord, where do I begin? First, bravo on your large family. I can relate. Came from a blended family of six myself. Fast forward to years of infertility and finally………. my child was born. My “only” child as most of you refer to her. The word “only” said with a slight question mark. “Oh, is she your “only” child?” Like I failed the mother earth child bearing contest. I quickly add I had a 36 hour unmedicated labor to boost my props, but usually a mother of five will top me with her hot tub, midwife, outdoor birth.

I digress.

Fast forward.

#1. “Oh, just one?”  

(see above paragraph)

#2  “Only chidren are spoiled and don’t know how to share”

No, as a matter of fact, my kid shares no problem. She learned through us, then learned more socially with her peers. it’s how you raise them. It’s called, P.A.R.E.N.T.I.N.G.

#3 “Only children are lonely”

I like to think of my daughter as independent. She can pick up a pencil and drawing pad and “entertain” herself. She has many friends and, at times, wants to come home and “chill alone”. Sure, I will not knock the beauty of siblings, but we are teaching her young to make friends and watch those relationships grow in “family”.

#4 “only children act like mini adults.”

This would be better worded, “Some adults act like kids“. We do not ask the opinion of our child in finance, marriage or adult content, but we will do a family 5 minute discussion on who’s crap is lying all over (That would be dad).

I could go on, but this is just a brief example to enlighten the clueless. I’m glad you have a couple kids. How perfect you “Got” your girl and boy as planned. Please don’t feel sorry for me with my one, anymore then you would pity the mom of six.

At least I can brag about my carbon footprint.

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