Dial me up!

Ok, I get it, it’s hard for teens, but for the love of MAUD, they have been preparing for this since they held their first iPhones in their little baby paws. Snapchat, IG, Tik Tok, FaceTime, Texting……. Now can you imagine in the 70’s, 80’s,…… an entire family fighting over one FREAKING phone line withContinue reading “Dial me up!”

Momclown observations on Corona Virus 2020:

Who’s getting the last laugh on My 600# Life? Enough fat to outlive us all, and new svelte figure to look forward to. Hoarders are now cool new friends. Whatcha got in there? No canned soup on shelves equals a generation of people who do not know how to make it. Chicken broth, noodles, choppedContinue reading “Momclown observations on Corona Virus 2020:”

Misconceptions that irritate the HELL out of the parents of an only child.

Lord, where do I begin? First, bravo on your large family. I can relate. Came from a blended family of six myself. Fast forward to years of infertility and finally………. my child was born. My “only” child as most of you refer to her. The word “only” said with a slight question mark. “Oh, isContinue reading “Misconceptions that irritate the HELL out of the parents of an only child.”