carwash jack (our manny)

my husband reminded me today that i was not your typical *latch key” kid of the 70’s. We had a nanny. Well, a better term would be………… a *manny* named *Carwash Jack*. Most mothers would not give a single man, who worked during the day at a carwash, a room in her home. That said, my mom was not your typical mom. She could size people up within 5 minutes. She knew she had nothing to fear about Carwash Jack, and she was right. We needed *nightcare* since she worked the nightshift and he was available. His hours at the carwash were 6 am till 3pm. We came home after school and there he was. Beer in one hand, Kool-aid pitcher in the other. I mostly remember him as a kind, gentle soul who pretty much let us run riot as he drank himself each night to blissful sleep. Three things stand out in my memory of him.

  1. He collected the beer pull tabs to make chains. They hung from everywhere.
  2. He listened to small transistor radio. Depending on the season it was either the Dodgers or The Lakers. He was, a true fan.
  3. Sometimes I would find him crying really softly to Patsy Cline on the radio.

Sad to say I really don’t know what happened to him? My mom remarried, we moved to a respectable neighborhood and he was on his own. I know he missed us. My mom would mention that she spoke with him every now and then. They tore down the carwash, built a giant mall and he moved up north. My mom said he got a little dog. He did not have any real family and I think, my brother, mother and I filled his life (as loud and obnoxious as we all were) with some sense of being.

Rock on Carwash Jack. Best manny out there!

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2 thoughts on “carwash jack (our manny)

  1. I just read all your posts. I love your trips down memory lane, what a great idea for you to start a blog. It’s such a specific mode of expression šŸ™‚

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