PSA for men.

first let me say i cannot believe i drank an entire bottle of Sauvignon Blanc by myself last night while hanging with the neighbors.

But, let’s move away from my binge drinking and jump right into the topic of serial killers and men. One clear observation I’ve come to realize is most people will call 911 or intervene if they happen to see a woman or  (God Forbid) a child gagged and bound in the trunk of a car. That said, a man gagged in his undies with duct tape over his mouth is SOL. YOu can already see the head shaking as some poor sap pleads with his eyes and the innocent onlooker turns his head in utter disgust at the *gay* role playing. Why is this? Case in point to back up my insight, Jeffery Dahmer. The police RETURNED a young man to him claiming, “Gay boyfriend fight” in report.

So, I feel the need to warn grown men out there to be careful and to myself, lay off the vino.

I also want to thank my neighbors for the engaging conversation (see above) during my wine consumption.

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